Sample Report 9. Orders by Status in Magento

Report Description

This report will show the proportion of orders by their status: new, in processing, cancelled, completed orders.

Embedded interactive report

Open Orders by State report in Power BI

Report Content

Filter by date to select time period for which the values will be calculated.

Funnel charts with breakdown of Orders Count and Grand Total by order status.

Timeline charts with Orders Count and Grand Total by order status.

List of latest orders with their current status.

How It Works?

For every firm to make more sales and succeed, constant data actualization and monitoring is a must. With the help of interactive visual reporting extensions running on Magento platform such a time and effort consuming thing becomes easier. 

If you are a merchant in the Magento Power BI platform and your online e-commerce store has a huge turnover, it is definitely required for constant order status monitoring. With the help of new updates in the Magento reporting analytics, this process is transparent and even interesting and, sometimes, overwhelming. 

You cannot disregard the fact that customers can be very demanding from time to time. They may add too many items and go without making payment because somebody simply distracts them from doing that. Then, they tend to forget about your store and, as a result, you may lose the future profit potential. It won’t happen if you hire a person, who will be responsible for emails and calls to know the reasons why they’ve abandoned their purchase and left. 

What You Will Get in Return?

  • Customers’ loyalty and retention;

  • Greater basis for future profit and revenue increase;

  • Learn their buying behavior; 

  • Get the statistical live data on what actually forms their buying decisions;

  • Come up with ideas for new marketing campaigns launching.

Even if your business is flourishing and the revenues are in considerable amounts, every firm needs to grow naturally and gradually. Downloading our Magento advanced reports examples is a must for your future success.