Sample Report 11. Product price change

Report Description

This report helps to track product price change over time for a specific product. First page helps to find the product and lets user to select specific product. Second page displays how the price of the product was evolved during the time.

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Report Content

First page of the report provides an overview over the product prices and lets user to select a product for further analysis.

Product price change report - product selection

This page includes:

  • Filters by order date, website, store and by product category;
  • KPIs: Average Price, Price Range, Price Range including Tax (price range in this case is the difference between maximum and minimum product price);
  • List of products that have their price changed over time. This list includes multiple measures that help to estimate how significant the price change was.

User needs to select particular product that needs further analysis. To go to the next page user does right click on the product record and selects menu Drillthrough -> Single Product Analysis.

Second page of the report is dedicated for a single product:

Product price change report - single product analysis

This page includes:

  • KPIs: average product price, average product price including tax, orders count, ordered product quantity.
  • Average price by customer group chart
  • Average price by applied price rule chart
  • Timeline with product price with and without including tax.

How it works?

This report is created based on data from Magento e-commerce platform. Any online store build with usage of Magento (1-st or 2-nd version) can have this report installed with Power BI integration extension for Magento that enables business intelligence functionality in Magento store.

The report is hosted by Power BI Service from Microsoft. It is connected to a dataset, created and published to Power BI Service by Power BI Sales Cube extension installed on Magento e-commerce platform.

The report automatically updates its data every hour. it is based on demo magento data where several new orders are generated every day.

The process of data update involves:

  • incremental latest data extraction
  • incremental update of sales cube data warehouse structure
  • incremental loading of latest data to Power BI via REST API

Such report may be accessible by different Power BI users of the same organization. Also, users may access it using Power BI Mobile App on Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

How to get this report for your Magento store?

The report is based on Sales Cube dataset provided with Power BI Sales Cube extension for Magento. After installing the extension, user may create and configure dataset with Magento data that will be avialable in Power BI Service. The extension comes with a report template for this report.

Easily edit or create more reports

This report is intended to provide out of the box functionlity together with Power BI Integration extension. And even though, this report could already bring value to the business, it is just an example of what could be created based on Sales Cube dataset. It could easily be edited and adjusted to comany needs.

From simple reporting to more advanced analytics, integration with Power BI opens lot of possibilities for Magento merchants.

Check out more examples of reports and read about Power BI Intergration with Magento platform to get more information on how this and other reports can help your business.