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Power BI Integration extension for Magento

Integrate your Magento store with Power BI Service, cloud-based business analytics service from Microsoft that allows you to have a single view on your most critical business data, at any time, from any place.

The package includes core integration with Power BI Service with automated delivery of recent data from core Magento reports.

Configure API
Connect with Power BI
Create Mixed Dataset
Create new table profile
Assign table profile to a dataset
Table profiles list
Publish mixed dataset
Start data loading of a mixed dataset
Minotor data loading process of mixed dataset
Create report inside Power BI Service
Connect to Power BI Service Datasets from Power BI Desktop
Configure Scheduler
Datasets Overview in Magento
Configure Magento statistics update by schedule
List of ETL jobs inside Magento platform


Key Features

Delivers data from Magento reporting

Deliver data from Magento internal reports to Power BI to create interactive reports and dashboards based on that data and keep single source of truth.

Configurable schedules

The extension allows you to configure different data to be delivered on regular schedule or in Live mode to allow you updating the data within weekly, daily, hourly or even with several minutes intervals.

Configurable and dynamic data periods

Flexible data configuration allows to send data only for the period you want to monitor: it could be latest days, weeks or months, previous day, YTD values or other desired configuration.

Stay under 1 GB with FREE account

Microsoft offers free accounts with 1 GB limit. You may increase this limit with subscription for Pro account. Since you have possibility to deliver only portion of data you need, you may stay with free account. Control the size of the data by using aggregated reporting data.

Simple setup

No need to install any additional software or hardware. Native integration is done explicitly using web interfaces provided by Microsoft.

Based on Power BI REST API

Use Power BI Integration Extension for your Magento store to allow native and straightforward data delivery directly to Power BI using Microsoft Power BI REST API.

Power BI Benefits

With your Magento data being delivered to Power BI, you can stay informed about your key business activities. Keep overview over your business with Power BI and share regularly your business insights with your stakeholders and your team.

Interactive Reports

Use data delivered from Magento to create Interactive Reports and Dashboards in Power BI Service from Microsoft.

Mobile App

Access your reports and dashboards anytime with Power BI Mobile App

Data Alerts

Setup alerts and get notified on your mobile phone or per email when you reach (or not reach) certain performance threshold.


Getting up and running

  1. Install Extension on your online store running on Magento
  2. Register App for Power BI in Azure Active Directory and obtain Client ID and Client Secret
  3. Configure API in Magento by entering Client ID and Client Secret
  4. Connect your Magento user with a Power BI Account
  5. Create Table Profiles based on selected set of Magento Reports
  6. Publish dataset with created Table Profiles to Power BI and load its data
  7. Configure schedule for automated data refresh

Registration and usage of Azure Active Directory for setting up the Power BI API is free and you should be able to setup the integration without the need to purchase any services from Microsoft.

Once the data will be delivered to Power BI, you can use the delivered dataset to create reports and dashboards. You can access created dashboards with Power BI Online Service or using Power BI Mobile App.

Additional information

License and Support

We offer yearly and perpetual license. Each license is valid for one Magento installation. Term license includes continuous support, upgrades to latest Magento and Power BI releases, provides access to latest features. With perpetual license the support is limited to 1.5 years, with possibility to extend this period.

Available packages

The Power BI Integration is released in different packages, each containing set of functionality to meet different use cases.

Power BI Integration

Includes core functionality of the integration with Power BI: connection with Power BI Service, delivery of data from Magento reports, scheduler.

Power BI Integration Plus

Includes core functionality with additional tools for better management of Power BI content during active development and for embedding of Power BI content to Magento.

Power BI Sales Cube

The most comprehensive package that on top of core integration with Power BI includes advanced data modeling part, forming a Sales Cube - extensive dataset with all data related to sales process. Instead of relying on core Magento reporting, Sales Cube includes alternative logic for analytical data preparation and forms a structure that is optimized for being used in Power BI.

Additionally, the package includes embedding functionality, sample ready to use reports and integration with usage of OData for more advanced use cases.

Power BI Sales Cube Lite

This package includes one the most advanced parts of our Power BI Integration: the Sales Cube. With Sales Cube users can get their data delivered to Power BI in its best shape. At the same time, Lite package does not include all of the extras that come with the full Sales Cube package.

See our Product Overview and Features & Pricing pages for full list of available functionality.

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