Obtaining Extension License

STEP 1: Purchase the Extension

Please, use the website www.bimproject.net to find the license for the Extension matching your needs. Products and their descriptions could be found through the Products page on the website. Please, add the License to your cart and follow the instructions on the website to complete the order.

During making the order you might be asked to confirm that you have read and agree with the license conditions and other related documents. Once the order will be placed, license will be added to the list of licenses, but will stay in status “Pending” before it will be confirmed.

List of licenses can be found in Account page on www.bimproject.net under menu “My Licenses”:

BIM Website – My Licenses page

Picture: BIM Website – My Licenses page

After the order has been made it should be internally reviewed. Once the order will pass the review, the invoice will be issued and the license will become “Active”:

STEP 2: Configure Website

Each Extension License needs to be assigned to particular Website. List of Websites can be managed on the Account page on www.bimproject.net, menu item “My Websites”:

Picture: BIM Website – My Websites page

Picture: BIM Website – My Websites page

Press button “Add new Website” to start adding new Website configuration:

BIM Website – New client website creation form

Picture: BIM Website – New client website creation form

STEP 3: Assign License to Website

Once Website is configured, it will be possible to assign the purchased license to this Website.

Navigate to “My Licenses” on Accounts page and click “Assign to Website”. This will open the page with Website Assignment Form:

BIM Website –License details page

Picture: BIM Website –License details page

Select the website and click on “Submit” to finish the assignment. After the first time, license gets purchased for particular Website, there will be License Key generated automatically. Since this moment the license starts its validity period.