Development configuration options

Users can configure some development options by navigating to Magneto Configuration (Stores -> Configuration in Magneto 2 or System -> Configuration in Magento 1), section BIM Extensions -> General -> Development.

Development configuration options

Picture: Development configuration options

Debug Mode option may enable/disable some additional debugging output or control elements that help to get more insights for debugging/development purposes. Since such information may reveal some protected information such as location of system files to all admin users, it is recommended to set this option set to “No” on production/preproduction servers.

API Log Enabled option enables/disables output of communication between Magento Platform and Power BI REST API. Since such log may get quite bit with time, it is not recommended to set this option to “No” on production server.

Dump of debugging info

Power BI Integration Extensions come with functionality that allows developers to easily prepare an archive file with debugging information that includes configuration and recent logs from the extensions.

In order to prepare a debugging dump, the following command needs to be executed from the command line:

cd <magento-base-dir># in Magento 2:
bin/magento bim:debug:dump# in Magento 1:
cd shell
php bim_app.php prepare_debug_info