Magento 1 Extension Installation

The Magento 1 installation process consists of the following steps:

  1. Download the extension package.
  2. Install the package to Magento Instance.
  3. Configuring database connections for Sales Cube (in case if Sales Cube functionality comes with the extension).
  4. Setup crontab configuration for the scheduler.

The downloaded Magento 1 extension package could be installed in different ways:

  • Option 1: using Magento Connect Manager
  • Option 2: manually using FTP/SSH access

Download the Magento 1 Extension package

After purchasing the license (read “Obtaining Extension License” section of this documentation) the extension package should be available on the Downloads page. To open the Downloads, navigate to “Downloads” menu on the Account page on Just select the latest version and the appropriate package to download.

Manual installation

Extract downloaded extension package archive file on some temporary folder on your local machine or on the remote server with Magento Platform instance. Using your ftp client or ssh (scp) copy all of the extracted files onto the store root of the Magento instance.

After copying the files go to the admin page System → Cache Management and click on "Flush Cache Storage".

Sales Cube database configuration, M1

Create database for DWH storage in MySQL 5.6 or MySQL 5.7.

Add “bim_dwh” connection information to local.xml.

“bim_dwh” should point to the newly created MySQL database for DWH storage.

# File app/etc/local.xml in Magento 1

Configuring database connections for Magento 1

Picture: Configuring database connections for Magento 1

Setup crontab scheduler, M1

Run by crontab the following command every minute:

shell/bim_etl.php scheduler

Below you will find the example of the corntab configuration (type “crontab -e” in command line to start editing the crontab configuration).

Configuring crontab scheduler job for Magento 1

Picture: Configuring crontab scheduler job for Magento 1