BIM License

By purchasing BIM extension for Magento you will be reuqsted to read and accept License Agreement and its Terms and agree to use the Software in compliance with the Agreement.

BIM is distributed under commercial license.

After the purchase, owner of the License is allowed to use the extension for the purpose of:

  • Running Software on one Magento Website; 
  • Allowing 3rd Parties to run Module on the Website of license owner with data of this website; 
  • Publishing Software’s output to Licensee and 3rd Parties, but without distribution of sourse code;
  • Modify Software to suit Licensee’s needs and specifications.

It is not allowed to:

  • use any part of the code in whole or part in any other software or product or website;
  • give, sell, distribute, sub-license, rent, lease or lend any portion of the Software or Documentation to anyone;
  • place the Software on a server so that it is accessible via a public network such as the Internet for distribution purposes.

You are allowed to create extension for Magento, that will depend and use functionality of the BIM module. You may distribute such Extension also on paid basis, but it should not be distributed together with BIM Extension. All users, who will want to use an extension for Magento, that depends on BIM will have to buy their own license. 

The License gives the right to use only one copy of the Software on one Magento installation solely for own personal or business use. A separate License must be purchased for each new Software installation, in which case a separate license must be requested for each new Software installation.. Any distribution of the Software without our consent, including noncommercial distribution is regarded as violation of this Agreement and entails liability, according to the current law. Exception could be installation of the module on a test copy of live Magento installation, that does not contain data from other Magento installations.

Support period and support entitlement will be defined in accordance with the separate agreement, provided during the purchase. Within the given period you will be eligible to receive software updates as well as technical support. If you do not obtain support agreement while purchasing or obtaining this software or if the agreed period is ended, free support will not be available and this extension is made available on an AS-IS basis