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BIM R Analytics Extension


Extension for Magento that allows to use R language for implementation of advanced analytics and data visualizations within Magento platform. Without dependencies on external services, analytics could be performed within Magento itself with imidiate reusage of results inside Magento logic.

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R Analytics Module allows to extract data from Magento system and apply data analytics algorithms written in R language to that data. This provides powerful framework for advanced analytics implementation on bases of Magento data with an advantage of reusing the results immediately inside Magento.

R engine is working on the same server where Magento store is without the need to transfer data back and forth like in the scenario with usage of SaaS services.

Statistical engine of R language and unlimited possibilities of data analytics with R packages provide the basement for various advanced analytics use cases: predictions, clustering, recommendations engines.

It also support presentation of data visualizations created in R language.

Without need to pay for and integrate additional software, it provides online analytical processing and advanced analytics solution even for Magento stores with big history of orders. With R engine inside, Machine Learning algorythms could be easily applied inside Magento system.


The core of implementation is integration of php with programming language R, used for statistical calculations.


For now it contains short list of widgets and dashboards optimized for big amount of orders and products, that will be extended within next versions of the extension.


Among implemented widgets, you may find:

  • overview of performance for the last 30, 7, 1 day with comparison of total sales, top products, top categories and top stores by sales;
  • total sales timeline with daily and monthly data;
  • top sales per website, per store view, per store group with possibility to filter by time period;
  • aggregated sales data for categories with possibility to see only sales for child categories of particular parent category;
  • sales timeline and price history for particular product;
  • pivot grid for orders, that allows to slice and dice data, aggregate it by time dimensions, state, status, repeated orders and some other widgets.


Supported Magento Versions:

  • community edition, 1.6-1.9
  • enterprise edition, 1.2-1.4

BIM extension for Magento was started as venture project within an ecommerce agency specialized on support and customizations of stores on Magento platform and after transfer of ownership to the author in 2016 year, it finally reached the market.