Customer Service

Your account

In order to buy a license for BIM extension for Magento user is asked to register an account on the store. This account will be used to keep information about your license and IT support period.

In order to report any suggestions, wishes, bugs or order a customization you may register an account in our Help Desk and create new tickets there.

IT support

For our clients we provide Technical Support for BIM extension for Magento. This service is delivered at no extra charge for the duration of the product support period. Technical Support covers fixing post-installation issues which result from improper behavior of BIM extension for Magento. Read our Service Level Agreement for more details.


As optional service you may order Installation of the BIM extension for Magento. This service covers the following:

  • We will analyze amount of data to define if module needs additional optimization for your store.
  • Optionally you may request trial data analysis, that will be performed on our server. For that purpose we will need to export data from your store, needed for analysis and run statistical analysis on our server. You will have then chance to receive refund for the module minus installation service. This option is available in case if installation service was provided free of charge
  • We will Install or will help you with installation of R on the server, install R packages and the extension for Magento itself.
  • First run of data export and data pre-processing. Checking the result, testing if all statistical widgets are working.
  • Analyze architecture and make suggestions, on which server to run the cron jobs that will export the data.
  • Configure cronjob for daily data update.
  • Defining better place for R libraries by creating a directory on webserver, configuring access rights and configuring this directory in BIM as lib directory (could be useful to not install libraries with every system build).
  • Installation of libcurl if it is not installed and switching BIM extension on using secured network connection during installation of R packages.

We will not guaranty successful installation of it will be hard to install all software dependencies on your machine. This could be the case if your version of OS is too old and will not support installation of required version of R interpreter. In such cases you will be able to apply for Refund Under Exceptional Circumstances.