Web based BI solutions

As author of BI module for online stores based on Magento, I can say, that chosen set of technologies was very successful combination. We combined web technologies with statistical programming language R. R provides wide range of integration with different web based charting libraries such as D3, Plotly, Google Charts and other frameworks. With some small trick it is possible to render all R charts, that are build based on Htmlwidgets package. It provides common interface for rendering the interactive content, generated by R on a web pages.

For companies, who build their internal business applications based on web technologies, it is naturally to implement also BI dashboards using the same web frameworks. Usage of R as backend for statistical calculations and rendering of data might replace usage of BI software.

If you are interested in such solutions for your business, you may contact us and we may provide you more information. It might also be possible to provide you with framework, based on integration of R and PHP.