BIM Premium Support and Customization

Premium IT Support

Customers can order premium IT support if they wish to increase priority for their bug fixing requests, requesting new features or having better response time for their requests. Such support is paid on hourly basis. Premium support is not a fixed set of services and can be agreed with customers individually. If you are interesting in IT support on paid basis, please let us know that and we will be able to offer you appropriate level of services.


Customers can order customization of BIM module. We spend a lot of time to make BIM flexible enough to support extension by adding new modules for Magento.

BIM extension for Magento is created as framework for fast development of new data analysis functionality and data visualization within Magento. Statistical programming language R that is integrated into Magento provides unlimited scope for different ideas, algorithms with direct access the best analytical libraries developed by best statisticians of the world. BIM module helps to connect data of your Magento store with wide range of statistical algorithms: from trivial aggregations to advanced predictive algorithms.

Even though we can use libraries provided by R Repository we do not provide deep data scientific analysis. We do not provide services related to the data science. We may Implement data analysis based on your requirements and algorithm specification. We may also test your algorithm on data to check if prediction is working. He may also Implement chart that will show actual values versus planed/forecasted.

Add new statistical analysis

BIM support adding new widgets and dashboards. Actually, it was the main target of our development: not to create a lot of statistical widgets, but to provide possibility of fast implementation of new statistical analysis, adding new widgets. Out target was flexible framework, that can be used to add new BI dashboards.

Improve usability

By your request we can improve usability of existing dashboards. BIM module can support replacement of whole front-end part, that is responsible for rendering dashboards and widgets on it.


Currently bim module does not provide functionality of exporting data as reports, but if could be done in terms of customization. R language, that lays in core of the module provides functionality for generating of different file formats such as PDF, XLS, CSV, HTML. R supports also using of Markdown language with embedded R code and charts in it. This will require installation of additional free software on your Linux system, that R uses to generate different file formats. Of course, it is always possible to generate HTML pages with embedded charts without any additional software

Data integration

It is also possible to add additional data from another sources and analyze it or combine it with Magento data for more extended analytic. Such integration could be done by adding new export profile on PHP level or by creating R script. Both solutions may allow importing new data from external sources. For importing data into R BIM uses csv format. If you can generate csv from external data sources it is enough to put this data in export folder of your Magento installation and you may count the import of data to be finished. For better processing speed we may implement the same logic as it is done for Magento data in order to perform data aggregation and save it in a format, that could be efficiently read by R. More about data integration could be read on Data Integration page.

How to order

You may register in our Help Desk or use our contact page to get in touch with us: