About the author

For several years Mr. Kostiukov was working as Developer specialized on Magento within a Gold Solution Magento Partner company FLAGBIT GMBH & CO. KG located in Karlsruhe. During this time he got certifications "Magento Certified Developer Plus" and "Magento Certified Frontend Developer".

Currently he is working as Business Intelligence Developer in Aviation industry and continues to work on extension for Magento for data analysis, BIM.

BIM extension for Magento was started as venture project within FLAGBIT GMBH & CO. KG and after transfer of ownership to the author in 2016 year, it finally reached the market.

By the author:

"After getting education degrees first in IT, later in Management, I concentrated on statistical analysis with accent on financial data.

I am still focusing in a long run on moving deeply into econometrics theory and application of statistical knowledge for portfolio management and financial forecasting.

During last several years I was exploring the world of data analysis with taking online courses from the best universities of the world (thanks to Coursera and other MOOC providers). BIM module is a result of all my education and experience. It is a small model of Data Warehousing, ETL, OLAP for amounts of data that do not exceed 10 gigabytes. It is perfect solution for small and middle size business that wants to come closer to data driven solutions in one simple step."

K Kostiukov


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