BIM Documentation


Debug mode

Debug mode allows getting more detailed error reporting as output to back-end user. It also changes level of error reporting in R charts so that warnings are considered as errors. In debug mode system performs additional checks to define if all required R packages are installed and updated.

Scheduled Data Actualization

In order to get periodical update of exported data, you need to configure cron job of the BIM extension for Magento. This could be done by activating Scheduled Data Actualization. When this value is set to Yes, user can configure desired time when periodic data export and preprocessing should be run: Data Actualization Frequency and Data Actualization Start Time. It is possible to configure Daily, Weekly and Monthly update. In order to get most recent data every day it is recommended to configure Daily data update. Data Actualization Start Time is better to set to the time when online shop has minimum activity.

Directory for exported data

Will come later.

Directory for R libraries

Will come later. 

Advanced Configuration

These changes require re-run of data preprocessing in order to take effect.

Secure mode

 Will come later.