PBI Extension Documentation for Magento 2

Supported Reports

This section describes what data can be sent to Power BI Service with current version of the Power BI Integration extension.

As mentioned earlier, Load Profiles are created based on tables or grids in Magneto backend. Most of them are taken from Magento Reporting pages. The Power BI Integration is supported for the grid if there is an option of exporting to Power BI available in the list of possible exports as it is shown on the Image below.


Export option “Export to Power BI” on Total Refunded Report

Image Description: Export option “Export to Power BI” on Total Refunded Report


The Magento Reports that can be exported to Power BI Service at the moment are the following:

  1. Total Ordered Report, Reports -> Sales -> Orders

  2. Order Taxes Report Grouped by Tax Rate, Reports -> Sales -> Tax

  3. Total Invoiced vs. Paid Report, Reports -> Sales -> Invoiced

  4. Total Shipped Report, Reports -> Sales -> Shipping

  5. Total Refunded Report, Reports -> Sales -> Refund

  6. Coupons Usage Report, Reports -> Sales -> Coupons

  7. Products in carts, Reports -> Shopping Cart -> Products in carts

  8. Abandoned carts, Reports -> Shopping Cart -> Abandoned carts

  9. Products Bestsellers Report, Reports -> Products -> Bestsellers

  10. Products Ordered, Reports -> Products -> Products Ordered

  11. Most Viewed (Products) , Reports -> Products -> Most Viewed

  12. Low stock (Products) , Reports -> Products -> Low stock

  13. Downloads, Reports -> Products -> Downloads

  14. New Accounts, Reports -> Customers -> New Accounts

  15. Customers by Orders Total, Reports -> Customers -> Customers by orders total

  16. Customers by number of orders, Reports -> Customers -> Customers by number of orders

  17. Customers Reviews, Reports -> Reviews -> Customers Reviews

  18. Products Reviews, Reports -> Reviews -> Products Reviews

  19. Search Terms, Reports -> Search Terms

Additionally creation of Power BI Load Profile is possible based on non-reporting lists (only one list is connected in current version):

Orders List, Sales -> Orders