PBI Extension Documentation for Magento 1

Power BI APP registration

Power BI extension is integrated with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to provide secure sign in and authorization for your Magento store. Before you start using Power BI extension you need an Azure Active Directory tenant, an organizational user, and a Power BI service account. All users, who will be using Power BI from your Magento store will have to be added to your Azure Active Directory tenant. The extension uses a Client ID to identify itself to Azure AD. You also need a client secret key. See following resources to learn how to register and authenticate a Power BI extension: Register a client app, Authenticate a Power BI client app, Register a web app and Authenticate a Power BI web app. Obtained Client ID and client secret key might be provided to the Power BI extension on Magento configuration page.

Setting up Power BI API might take some time, especially if your organization were not using Active Directory before. From our side the only information you may need to know is the Redirect URI.

Please, use the following value as Redirect URI: https://your-website-domain.com/*

For the rest of information, please, refer to the Microsoft documentation as main source of the information.

As additional support, for a quick reference, we list the steps you may need to perform in order to obtain a Client ID and a client secret key for Power BI API.

Step 1: Create an Azure account

You should be able to create an Azure account for free. You pay only for Services you are using or for an optional support subscription.

Here is the URL where you may start with registration of an account:


Step 2: Create an Azure Active Directory tenant

Please, follow the instructions from Power BI documentation in order to create an Azure AD tenant:


Please, note that you do not need to activate Power BI Pro account since you do not have to use Power BI embedded in order to setup the API.

Step 3: Create some users in your Azure Active Directory tenant

You may want to create some users if you did not do that before. Each Magento backend user who will use Power BI may need to have separate Power BI user.

Step 4. Register Power BI Application

You may use new Power BI App Registration Tool for that or using Azure portal.


Follow instructions related to Server-side Web app or Web Applications instead of registering a Native app.

Use Redirect URL as your domain name (of the backend system) with asterisks in the end.

Redirect URI: https://your-website-domain.com/*

Step 5: Get Client ID and secret key

Please, refer to the “How to get the client id” section of the documentation to get the Client ID:


To get the client secret key, you may need just few additional steps to be performed on the Azure portal: after you have selected the application, click on Keys menu under API ACCESS section and add new key there.

Step 6: Activate Power BI (free) subscription

This step is optional.

You may need a subscription added within Office 365. In such case, you may use the flowing documentation page: