PBI Extension Documentation for Magento 1


There are certain limitations associated with Power BI API that put some boundaries on the usage of the extension.

  • Maximum of 75 columns in a table
  • Maximum of 75 tables (Load Profiles) in a dataset
  • Maximum of 10 000 rows per table (this limit may increase in future releases of the extension)
  • 10 000 rows added per hour per dataset (with pro service plan: 1 000 000 rows added per hour per dataset)
  • Maximum of 5 pending POST rows requests per dataset
  • 120 POST rows requests per minute per dataset
  • 4 000 characters per value for string column in POST rows operation


See the Microsoft documentation for the recent list of limitations:



Additionally users may face limited possibilities to share reports and dashboards between colleagues. More sharing options may be available for Power BI Pro users.