PBI Extension Documentation for Magento 1

Extending the functionality

The license of the extension allows store owners to develop additional functionality by extending the base functionality provided with the module.

One of such uses is adding of datasets. Each store owner may have different strategy and may want to concentrate on specific data, not covered by current set of data delivered to Power BI Online. This would require creation of custom data grid or just a php class that will play role of a data provider. Such provider might be connected to the extension to deliver the data to Power BI. Please, contact extension provider to request development documentation and IT support that may also include professional services to help you deliver the data you want.

Another use case might be embedding of the reports, dashboards or just separate tiles into other areas of Magento. For example, one might want to add some KPIs or charts on main dashboard of Magento backend. This will be possible by using part of the functionality of Bim_PbiPremium module. Please note, that this part of functionality requires premium subscription to Power BI service. Also, each Magento backend user should use its own user account to setup a connection with Power BI API.

Please note also that redistribution of the extension or its modifications are not allowed without agreement with the extension provider.