PBI Extension Documentation for Magento 2

Enterprise features

In 2017 Microsoft announced some changes in their subscription policies. Power BI Embedded functionality was moved to Premium package.

Users of Power BI Premium package may activate an extra module called Bim_PbiPremium to which will add three additional pages in the backend:

  • Reports -> Power BI -> Dashboards

  • Reports -> Power BI -> Reports

  • Reports -> Power BI -> Tiles

On the listed pages users may open their dashboards and reports that were created in Power BI Online service. Such Dashboards and Reports may also contain data from other sources such as Google Analytics, Salesforce, CRM platforms and lot of other sources that may be connected to Power BI.

Please, note that this part of functionality is at Beta version since the REST API that support this functionality is at Beta level and may change in the future.

To activate the package, simply edit the file app/etc/modules/Bim_PbiPremium.xml and set the module active status to “true”.